Photos from the Memorial

On Saturday January 25th at sunset, a memorial for Rollie Webb was held at Buntzen Lake south beach. This was at the request of Rollie’s two children, Abbie and Ethan. It was organized by Coquitlam Search and Rescue, members of the BC Bike Race and the BC Ambulance Service. In attendance were representatives from Rollie’s family, his work, the BC Bike race staff, BC Search and Rescue society and at least two people who Rollie had rescued.

The memorial began with the placement of candles on the dock, and a speech by both Abbie and Ethan. then the family set candles afloat on the lake. Several more people spoke, and then the rest of those in attendance released more floating candles. Throughout the evening, people were writing messages on the rice paper of the chinese lanterns. These were lit, and as the hot air filled the balloon, they were released over the lake.

The ceremony finished with the SAR team firing off 21 signal flares in a SAR-themed salute.

Pictures below by Coquitlam SAR member Tom Zajac


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