A head shot from a search on Mount Seymour

Rollie Webb was killed in a traffic accident on January 17th 2013.

It’s hard to define what Rollie meant to the many people he touched throughout his life. He was a father, husband, boyfriend and son to the members of his family and loved ones. In his job with the BC Ambulance Service he had been a paramedic, teacher, dispatcher and emergency manager. In his volunteer time with Coquitlam Search and Rescue he was a Ground SAR team leader, Mountain Rescuer, and member of the helicopter rescue team. And to the people of the BC Bike Race, he was the Course Medical Manager for many years. Finally, he taught first aid to many people across BC and elsewhere in Canada.

This doesn’t even begin to touch the many friends he made in all of the other things he did during his life.

It’s sufficient to say that Rollie met a lot of people in these circles, and they all remember him fondly.

Rollie changed the world around him and made it a better place. By his efforts, he has trained hundreds of people in first aid, search and rescue and other skills, and those people continue in their work at saving lives. Rollie’s spirit really does live on in us as we carry on the work he did.

This web site is a memorial to him and his influence on us. Here, we post pictures, video and stories about him and about what we do when we remember him.