NSS Award for Exemplary Service

It’s with great pride that we were recently notified that Rollie was awarded the National Search and Rescue Secretariat Award of Exemplary Service.

The NSS awards are the highest Search and Rescue awards in Canada, with the exception of provincial and national orders. They are designed to recognize exceptional service to the cause of Search and Rescue.

Rollie was instrumental in nominating a member of Coquitlam SAR for a similar award a few years ago, so it is only fitting that the SAR team nominated him for the same award this year.


Chief’s Letter of Commendation from Port Moody PD

Members of Coquitlam Search and Rescue who participated in the search for two developmentally disabled women near Sasamat Lake in August 2012 received the Chief’s Letter of Commendation from the Port Moody Police Department in a ceremony at Inlet Theatre in Port Moody on October 2nd 2013.

Rollie was very active in that search and was personally responsible for finding the first subject near midnight on the first day.


Of course Rollie also received the following award for his efforts on that search since he managed to roll the team’s eight wheel drive Argo ATV.



Vernon SAR is pleased to announce that it will be making a $1,000 donation to the fund for Roland Webbs kids. We hope that this will encourage other SAR Units to do likewise.

Don Blakely from Vernon SAR posted this to Facebook this week, and Vernon SAR came through; we received a cheque for $1000 last night and will be depositing it soon.

Too much talking on the radio?

Too much talking on the radio?

Rollie on the Tyler Wright search, a 16-day long search between Squamish and Coquitlam BC. On this day there was a particularly talkative person on the radio who wasn’t letting field teams talk, negating the purpose of the radio as a safety device.

Donation issues

If anyone is having issues donating to the Roland Webb Trust, our apologies. We are working on an online form. In the mean time, please make cheques out to

“Books Hogya in trust” and deposit them into the account number 9900-6569004 at any TD Canada trust bank.

We also activated PayPal donations.

If you’re having any issues, contact us via the form on this site.